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When renting roll cages becomes an unexpected blessing

As we get nearer to the opening up of the economy, pressure will be felt in unexpected areas. For instance, with Britons deciding to take their holidays in the UK, the hotels will spring to life and so too will the laundries that service them.

The first consequence of this overnight surge is that pressure comes on the transport department to ensure there are enough roll cages in the system to move clean and soiled laundry in each direction. One roll cage of nicely ironed linen becomes three cages of soiled and crumpled sheets and towels in the opposite direction. This imbalance in the flow puts pressure on the system and means cages are rarely where you need them.

As a result, there won’t be enough cages or they’ll be in the wrong place. It’s too late to buy new ones and the price has gone up by over thirty percent anyway. And that’s if there’s any capital available in the first place.

So, when you are facing this quandary, think of us. We do long and short term roll cage hire and we like to look at imaginative deals, so get in touch and let’s see what we can do together.

Bill Howie