Rental without Resentment

Linear Economy

Circular Economy

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Sustainability is at the heart of what we do and we achieve this by extending the life and capital performance of the assets our clients use to distribute their goods.

Renting from RCR means fewer assets go missing, so you’re not only saving money for your business, you are contributing towards the move from linear to circular use of resources.

What makes your roll cage rental model so different?

We start with the standard weekly rental model but, because we have our own nationwide recovery service, we are able to recover and reintroduce lost cages into the pool.

When we find our rental cages that you have lost we return them to you for a nominal charge or de-hire them if you no longer need them. That is unique; no other rental company can do this.

So what’s the catch?

Any misplaced cages you don’t returned after the rental agreement ends will be charged at a discounted rate, depending how long you had the cages for.