What a capital idea

When you lose a roll cage what do you do?  You probably go out and buy another one.  But when you lose hundreds it starts to hurt and you begin to think about all the other things you’d rather be spending hard-earned capital on.

You could rent cages of course, but you’ve heard horror stories about charges for losses.  However, while that is true of most rental models, Roll Cage Rental employs the only national asset recovery scheme in the UK (Acqsys.co.uk) and, when lost rental cages are found, they are made available to you with no penalty.

Inevitably there will be some net losses but rather than charging you, we prefer to amortise the cost over a new rental deal.

In short, while you are trying to hang onto your capital for more deserving causes than roll cages, our goal is to help you do just that by offering a tailored rental option.

Bill Howie