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Renting roll cages is a viable alternative

Trading on the High Street is so uncertain at the moment[1] that the Finance Director has become even more parsimonious than usual when dishing out money for capital items. This is especially true when you asked for the same amount last year. This applies in particular to mobile assets such as roll cages that have a tendency to go missing if you don’t watch them like a hawk.

One way round this lack of understanding by the FD is to rent the assets you need, especially for peak periods. Remember Easter isn’t so far away and Mother’s Day is hot on its heels.

I know, the last time you rented cages you were charged a fortune for losses. However, if you rent from Roll Cage Rental you stand a good chance of getting back the cages you lose, with no penalty. That’s because we use our sister company Acqsys to recover cages across the country and we feed the rental cages back into the system.

Roll Cage Rental don’t like charging for losses, we prefer to charge rent. So we do something about it!

Bill Howie

[1] “UK retailers had their worst Christmas in a decade”
Source: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-46841262