Ask yourself one question. Do I feel lucky?

“Well do ya punk?”  The question asked by Harry Callaghan (Dirty Harry) of his soon to be incarcerated perpetrator.  While we’re staring down the barrel of our own .44 calibre Brexit magnum, perhaps we should ask ourselves the same question.

Mrs May spent three years producing a deal that nobody would vote for.  Mr. Johnson says he’s throwing the whole deal out and Mr. Corbyn thinks he should be made prime minister because, er, because, that’s all.

I believe this is what is meant by the term “three ring circus” or total shambles.  The only thing that’s clear is the total lack of clarity and the collapse of the decision-making process at Westminster.

Depending on your point of view our politicians have either committed treason, treated the public like fools, or saved the country from a fate worse than death.  Given the spread of each position across every party we now have no means of predicting what the outcome would be if anything were put to the vote.

So that’s Westminster, what about us?  All we can do is plan for trouble, ranging from inconvenience to chaos and the degree to which we do that depends on how lucky we feel. The CBI has come up with 200 recommendations on preparing for a no-deal Brexit and you can read more and about what food distributors are doing about it here.

Personally, I’d plan to be flexible in the face of clogged supply lines that absorb all my transit equipment for a period of time.

If you feel the same way I would suggest you contact Roll Cage Rental and ensure you have the necessary resources to ride the Brexit storm. The combination of no-deal Brexit, Black Friday and the lead up to the Christmas rush provide all the ingredients for a big one.

Maybe you don’t think that way, in which case you’ve got to ask yourself one question…….Do I feel lucky?

Photo Credit: Image by skeeze from Pixabay