Tired of losing your roll cages?

If you run a hospital laundry service you will know the cost of losses of your cages and the damage to your balance sheet if they go astray.  The NHS Supply Chain spends in excess of £1 million on roll cages and tote boxes each year[1] so there are huge savings to be made. There’s also the added issue of damage caused by linen catching and tearing on metal roll cages.  

What’s the alternative?

The alternative is to rent cages that take advantage of a unique nationwide recovery service. If you buy plastic roll cages, they are very expensive and take up too much space when they are empty. 

The other drawback is that when they break and the plastic cracks they cannot be easily repaired.  They become a very expensive solution to a simple problem. 

Lined roll cages - custom built for hospital laundries

At Roll Cage Rental we have developed a brand new plastic-lined metal roll cage that protects the contents and still nests with other cages when empty. They take up far less space than plastic cages and cost far less.   They have the same nesting characteristics as a standard "A-Frame" roll cage and can be handled in mixed fleets.

Why is our rental scheme unique?

When you work with us, instead of buying expensive plastic cages, you can rent lined metal cages from us at a fraction of the cost of buying, saving valuable capital expenditure on equipment that is so easily lost.

More than that, you will also benefit from our national recovery service that returns lost cages to you - free of charge.  Read more about our unique recovery service that no one else can offer.

[1] Source: https://www.supplychain.nhs.uk/news/company/roll-cages/
Photo credit: Pixabay

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So, before you buy, talk to us about renting roll cages specially designed for the needs of hospital laundries.

Save yourself the cost of buying expensive equipment and potential damage to your linen and protect yourself against the risk of losses with our recovery service.  No other rental company can do this because we are the only one with a national recovery service, working for your benefit.

Our long term cage rental agreements start from as low as 10p per day.

If you’d prefer to talk to us about renting our standard roll cages, we can supply those too.

Contact us for a quote so you can see how much you can save.


“Crisis at Christmas simply would not be possible without the generosity of our donors, volunteers and partners. We would like to thank Roll Cage Rental for their support which helps us provide a lifeline for homeless people this Christmas, as well as the chance to take their first steps out of homelessness.”

Ian Richards
Crisis at Christmas

“RCR supplied a number of roll cages to us on Paddington 2. They were very flexible, economic and kept us informed as we had extremely tight deadlines. Everything was very smooth even though we had to customise the cages for our specific use within a couple of days. Everything was collected and delivered on time which is very important to us.”

Tim Wellspring
Marmalade Films Limited

“The use of the roll cages at our Christmas toy appeal in Cheshire made the whole operation so much simpler. We had 3,000 toy sacks to make up for local under privileged children, which involved 24,000 toys! We are so grateful to Roll Cage Rental for their support during our 'Give a child a Christmas' operation, which is a not for profit community organisation, run by volunteers. ”

Dee Drake
The Toy Appeal

“We needed to move a lot of product around our Henley Festival site during the Festival and we chose to use roll cages from Roll Cage Rental. We hired cages for the event on a short term agreement and this proved incredibly valuable to our operations team. Their service was excellent, efficient and reliable, just what we needed. I am certain we will be back for short term rental in the future. ”

Jeremy Millens, Managing Director
Pure Group

“Can’t fault the team at Roll Cage Rental. Our last-minute request was dealt with very efficiently, delivering high quality cages the very next day. I would definitely use them again.”

Jo-Ann Iveson
The Kia Oval

Trusted & reliable

Our nationwide recovery operation is proven to deliver results

Unrivalled expertise

We know the market and how to tailor our service to meet your needs


Our nationwide cage recovery service means less wastage and cost

Fast response

You can rely on our fast, flexible service during peak trading periods

Customer satisfaction

We have saved our clients thousands of pounds which keeps them happy

Value for money

You pay less overall, due to our unique recovery service

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