What makes your roll cage rental model so different?

We start with the standard weekly rental model but, because we have our own nationwide recovery business, we are able to recover and reintroduce lost cages into the pool.  

When we find our rental cages that you have lost we return them to you with no penalty, or de-hire them if you no longer neeed them.  That is unique; no other rental company can do this.

Can we convert a short-term agreement to long-term?

It's very simple.  We just agree the length of the new term and agree a new, reduced, rental charge which, of course, includes the free recovery service.

How does your service have a positive environmental impact?

Every time you lose a rental roll cage you have to replace it in order to trade. Every time we recover one, that’s one less cage that needs to be produced. By renting cages from a company like ours that has a national recovery service, you are reducing your rental losses.

Every loss prevented has an environmental benefit. Choosing our unique and more "sustainable" rental service demonstrates that you are a more environmentally responsible company, with a lower carbon footprint.


What is the "True Rental Cost" (TRC) of a roll cage rental agreement?

This is the rental charge for the roll cage together with the terminal loss charges made at the end of a rental agreement for any lost rental cages.  The aggregated True Rental Cost (TRC) is lower with our service than the standard market model.

We educate our clients to ensure they factor this cost into their buying decision so they do not have any nasty surprises at the end of their rental agreement.

What's the shortest period we could rent cages for?

We normally have a minimum period of one month but we do offer shorter terms in certain circumstances

Can you deliver roll cages outside the UK?

We don't offer rental outside the UK at the moment because control of the fleet is harder to maintain and this increases the likelihood of you losing your cages.

How quickly can you deliver roll cages?

Assuming we have them in stock, it's usually the next day.  You can also arrange to collect them yourself.

Do you deliver roll cages anywhere in the UK or just in England?

We cover the whole of the UK but can only realistically offer the free recovery service in England, Scotland and Wales

How does your rental service have a positive financial impact?

When you lose our rental cages, we find them and return them to you – free. Renting roll cages usually comes with a big bill for losses and we don’t think that’s fair.

We want you to hang onto your rented cages - not lose them. What makes us unique is our national cage recovery business.  We work exclusively with ACQSYS Supply Chain Solutions, the biggest transit asset recovery business in the UK.  So, when you rent cages from us and lose some, we find a proportion of them and either:

1.  Return the ‘lost and found’ cages to you free of charge, to keep your rented fleet topped up and reduce your end of-hire losses,  
2.  De-hire them for you if you no longer need that many cages.

Your true rental cost is lower with us than with any other rental company because you don’t lose as many. 


“RCR supplied a number of roll cages to us on Paddington 2. They were very flexible, economic and kept us informed as we had extremely tight deadlines. Everything was very smooth even though we had to customise the cages for our specific use within a couple of days. Everything was collected and delivered on time which is very important to us.”

Tim Wellspring
Marmalade Films Limited

“Can’t fault the team at Roll Cage Rental. Our last-minute request was dealt with very efficiently, delivering high quality cages the very next day. I would definitely use them again.”

Jo-Ann Iveson
The Kia Oval

“Crisis at Christmas simply would not be possible without the generosity of our donors, volunteers and partners. We would like to thank Roll Cage Rental for their support which helps us provide a lifeline for homeless people this Christmas, as well as the chance to take their first steps out of homelessness.”

Ian Richards
Crisis at Christmas

“The use of the roll cages at our Christmas toy appeal in Cheshire made the whole operation so much simpler. We had 3,000 toy sacks to make up for local under privileged children, which involved 24,000 toys! We are so grateful to Roll Cage Rental for their support during our 'Give a child a Christmas' operation, which is a not for profit community organisation, run by volunteers. ”

Dee Drake
The Toy Appeal

“There were two important reasons why we moved away from buying roll cages to working with Roll Cage Rental. • Roll Cage Rental’s free recovery of lost cages maintains our cage fleet at a much higher level than buying cages or renting them through the usual rental companies, • The improved asset management allows us to focus our efforts and spend our capital on growing our business. It is very different to the standard rental offering and it’s working for us. ”

Mitchel Costello, Production Manager
City Linen Services UK Ltd



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