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Why are you still buying roll cages? (or, the FD’s road to Damascus)

Opening Scene:  Finance Director’s suite at the Head Offices of Palaver & Hapless, a national retail and catering supplier with the unfortunate knack of losing any roll cages they actually  buy.

Jack Cash (Finance Director): (opens email from Logistics Director, shouts out to p.a.)  “Gloria, get the Logistics Director on the phone.”

Van Diesel (Logistics Director) (picks up phone):  “Van Diesel speaking”.

JC:   “Van, I’ve got a capex request here for 1,000 roll cages.  What happened to the 1,000 you bought last year?”

VD: “Well…”

JC: "Don’t tell me you lost them all”.

LVD:  “Er….”

JC:  “There’s no point capitalising them if you’re just going to throw them away”.

VD:  “Yes, but…”

JC:  “£75,000 of scarce capital being flushed down the toilet”.

VD:  “You see, it’s…”

JC:  “Why don’t we just rent the damned things?”

VD:  “It’s not quite…”

JC:  “Well speak up man.  What have you got to say for yourself?”

VD:  “Losses!”

JC:  “I know about the losses; what are you babbling about?”

VD:  No, I mean losses of rental cages.  Whenever we rent we not only pay the daily charge, we get charged £80 for every cage we don’t return and we don’t hand many back”.

JC:  “So we end up paying twice- first on rent and then spending capital on assets we never even owned?”

VD:  “Exactly”.

JC:  “Well, we don’t have £75,000 to buy new cages so what are YOU going to do about it?”

VD:  “Actually, I did hear about this company called Roll Cage Rental….”

JC:  “How very imaginative”.

VD:  “It seems they offer a free recovery service so if you rent from them and they find cages you have lost, they return them to you or de-hire them, with no penalty”.

JC:  “How can they do that?  When did rental companies start helping us by looking for cages we lose when all they have to do is charge us for losing them?”

VD:  Well, they have a sister company called ACQSYS that recovers transit equipment across the country for the major supermarkets, our competitors and loads of others. 

Roll Cage Rental use them to recover lost rental cages so they can return them to the customer or de-hire them and offer something completely different in the rental market”.

JC:  “Hmmm. But we’d still lose some?”.

VD:  “Yes but we’d lose fewer and it seems they don’t demand immediate payment.  They will set up a payment plan to amortise the net losses across the existing contract or agree a contract extension”.

JC:  “So we don’t lose as many and I don’t have to write cheques for losses?”

VD:  “That’s what I’m hearing”.

JC:  “Well what are you waiting for?  Get them in here and see what they have to say”.

VD:  “Leave it with me”.

JC:  “Gloria, where’s my bloody coffee?”

Closing Scene:  Treble sighs of relief all round the FD’s suite as monkey jumps nimbly from Jack Cash’s shoulder to Van Diesel’s back, little knowing that Roll Cage Rental will remove the simian pest altogether; but that’s another story.

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