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Tired of damaging your linen in metal roll cages?

If you operate a laundry you will know the cost of the damage caused by linen catching and tearing on metal roll cages.  The alternative is to buy plastic roll cages but they are very expensive and take up too much space when they are empty.  They become a very expensive solution to a simple problem.

At Roll Cage Rental we have developed a plastic-lined metal roll cage that protects the contents and still nests with other cages when empty, taking up far less space than plastic cages.

When you work with us, instead of buying expensive plastic cages, you can rent lined metal cages from us at a fraction of the cost of buying and you will also benefit from our national recovery service that returns lost cages to you- free of charge.

So, before you buy, talk to us about renting lined roll cages and save yourself the cost of buying expensive equipment and potential damage to your products.

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