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Spring is almost here – are you ready?

Not all of us experience peak trading at the same time.  While most retailers would say Christmas is their biggest challenge, many companies feel the pressure at other times of the year such as Easter, Mothers Day and the summer holidays.  Retailers with airport outlets certainly feel the pinch in the holiday season and suppliers of staples like milk and bread have a surge in demand when the kids are off school and need feeding.

Well, it might not seem like it but those peaks are just over the horizon and if you haven’t planned for them already you’ve probably left it too late to build up stocks of roll cages, trays etc. to cope with demand.  The choices facing you are to either buy unbranded cages that you will almost certainly lose or to rent cages.

In the past, the problem with renting cages was the high cost of losing them but now you can rent from us at Roll Cage Rental and receive a free recovery service for the cages you lose and we find.  We can offer this service because we are the only rental company that also has a national asset recovery arm.

Don’t waste your money buying cages you will inevitably lose; come to the only rental company that helps you to hang onto the cages you rent from us.

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