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Serendipity in business

Every now and then the law of unexpected consequences has a good outcome.  Take our roll cage rental business for example.  If you ever think about us at all, you probably think that we at Roll Cage Rental only deal in long term rental of roll cages when, actually, we do quite a lot of short-term rentals as well.

Only last week we provided Henley Royal Regatta with cages for use in the catering facilities.  Looking at their problem with piles of rubbish I expect we’ll be emptying all our cages before they come back.  Hey ho.

You’ve probably heard that the new Paddington Bear movie is due out in November.  Well it’s thanks in no small part to us because we provided the roll cages for use on set, particularly keeping the catering department going at full pelt.  It had better get good reviews.

I’m rather pleased that we were also able to help out CRISIS, a national homeless charity during their busiest period last Christmas.  They have such a short but hectic peak, as they help homeless people get some respite from the streets.  Simple things like a shower, new clothes, a haircut and, of course, Christmas dinner.  I expect they’ll be in touch again this year and they will be welcomed back.

So, with these examples and others, such as summertime school moves and office relocations we have inadvertently created a very effective short-term rental offer to complement our long-term free recovery scheme.  As Arnold Palmer said, “The more I practice the luckier I get”.  Perhaps that’s the answer.

Why not give us a try and see how lucky you can get?

Our short term roll cage rentals can last anywhere from a few days to a few weeks and start at just £2 per day. 

Learn more about our short term roll cage rental service

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