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Roll cages: rent or buying usually hurts - until now.

At least once a year, if you use roll cages in the execution of your business, you have to count the number of them you have left and decide how many more you will need if you are going to see out the year without resorting to pallets and all the trouble that causes.

Once you’ve decided how many roll cages you need, the next decision is whether to buy or rent them and this is where it gets difficult.  The one thing you are good at is losing them so if you buy them you are throwing capital at a very short-term asset.  On the other hand, if you rent the cages, you will still lose them and pay for them, but along the way, you’ll have paid rent on them as well.

In both cases, a very wasteful use of valuable capital and something your Finance Director would dearly like to change.

Well here’s your chance!

Roll Cage Rental Ltd is a new kind of cage rental business.  Our aim is to help you hang onto the cages you rent from us, which is the opposite of all the other cage rental schemes who make their money charging you for the losses.  We can do this because we are the only rental company with its own national cage recovery service.

As you inevitably lose cages you have rented from us, we find and recover a proportion of them.  Instead of charging you for losing them we allow you to de-hire them or receive replacements.  Your final bill for losses is therefore lower than with the industry standard rental model and you have avoided the initial capital outlay of purchasing.

Don’t spend valuable capital on buying risky assets when you can rent them without being fleeced.  Let us show you how. Contact us now.

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