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Roll cage rental without the pain

If you are thinking of placing your annual order for roll cages perhaps you should ask yourself why?  Either your business has grown or you’ve lost some of the cages you bought in previous years.  What’s worse, the FD has capped your capital spend so you can’t buy enough cages anyway.  

You did look once at renting but the bill for losses was just too painful.  

Well not anymore!  When you rent cages from us we employ our recovery teams to find the ones you lose and we return them to you- free of charge.

One of our cage rental clients has a supply chain that leaks cages (who doesn’t, you ask?).  We recover two per cent of their rental fleet for them every month; that’s 24% per annum and we give them back to them - free.  Imagine the cost to them if they had bought those cages.

So, why not reconsider spending valuable capital every year when you can rent the assets and have a built-in free recovery service?  We are the only rental company that can offer this.

Before you sign the cheque why not find out more?

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