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Roll cage rental: the cure for christmas insanity

This Autumn you are probably going to do what you do every year- buy a load of roll cages, gradually lose them over three months, then plan to do the same thing this time next year.

Not very smart and reminds me of Einstein’s view of insanity, which he defined as doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.  If you are expecting things to be any different next year you will need to do something different. 

So why do you buy cages in the first place?  They are usually unbranded and prime targets for theft and misuse, but I do understand why you don’t go down the rental route to cover your peak.  It’s because you fear the charge for losses after you paid all that rent.

At Roll Cage Rental we offer a unique rental model, using our national recovery system and, when we find our rental cages where they shouldn’t be, we recover them and return them to the client who rented them, with no penalty.

In other words, if you lose a cage you rented from us and we find it, we let you have it back or de-hire it for you- for free.  This reduces your losses over the hire period and, if you want to convert to a longer-term plan, we can amortise what losses there were over a new daily rate.  So there are fewer losses and no invoice for them.

No other rental company can do this because we are the only one with a national recovery service, working for your benefit. 

Don’t keep doing the same thing every year hoping the principle of action and reaction will somehow be suspended for you.  Do something different and reduce your costs while maintaining service levels. 

Einstein also said “The measure of intelligence is the ability to change”.

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