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Renting roll cages doesn’t have to end in tears

When you rent roll cages the emotional gamut runs something like this.

HELP!  The Easter peak is almost upon us and we don’t have enough roll cages.  What can we do?

PHEW!  There’s a company that will rent cages to us to get us through to the end of the Easter holidays.  Sighs of relief all round. Off for our Easter holidays.

SMILES!  This seems to be working very well.  We pay a daily charge and there’s always more where these came from.  

OUCH!  We’ve just had a massive bill for all the rental cages we couldn’t find last month. Gulp!

It’s a vicious circle:  You need to rent but you hate to rent.  What’s worse is it happens every year.

The reason you have a big bill at the end of the rental period is this - you lose the cages in the same way you lose your own cages but nobody is finding them and recovering them.  In fact, the rental companies would rather you lost them because they make a fat profit on charging you for replacements.

Actually, it doesn’t have to be like that.  What if your rental company also had a national cage recovery business and, when it found your lost cages, instead of still charging you for them, it passed on the benefit to you? The aim being to reduce your terminal loss bill at the end of the rental period.

Well there’s a new kid in town and we do just that.  Roll Cage Rental Ltd takes the OUCH out of the equation because, when you rent cages from us, we share the benefit with you when we find the cages you lose.  No one else can do this because no one else has a national recovery service.

While the others want you to lose cages - we want you to hang onto them.  When you add up the daily charges and the cost of losses you end up with a figure we call the "True Rental Cost".  It stands to reason, therefore, that if you reduce your terminal losses, the True Rental Cost must come down.

Why not contact us and find out how we can reduce your True Rental Cost.  You’ve got nothing to lose, apart from cages of course.

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