16 November 2018 | Brexit, cage, containers, hiring roll cages, how to solve roll cage problem, roll, roll cage shortage, roll cages for Christmas, rollcage hire

Don’t feel left out

It’s got Theresa May dancing on thin ice, Macron trying on Napoleon’s bicorne for size and the Germans rubbing their hands and whispering “Komm zu Papa.” 

Obviously the Labour party knows where the Tories went wrong but can’t quite spell it out in platitudes and aphorisms from a bygone age.

I’m talking of course about Brexit and everybody is either frightened because we’ve gone too far or pouring scorn on a weak government for not going far enough. 

Everyone that is except you!  You’ve got more important things to worry about because you are about to run out of roll cages just before Christmas.  That trumps Brexit any day.

But, despair not, you don’t have to miss out on all the fun - the sense of belonging that comes from national weeping and gnashing of teeth. 

It’s the bitter sweet sense of national identity that happens when, for example, people believe that England at the last world cup were anything other than lucky to escape the “Group of Amateurs” and only lose twice to Croatia.

We do love a calamity and you shouldn’t have to miss out. 

Contact us and we can solve your roll cage problem, freeing you to join the caravan of misery along with everyone else.

Photo Credit: Pixabay

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