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How music mirrors life

Do you ever take time out to consider the vicissitudes of life, to reflect on those you have loved and lost?  Perhaps, like me, your thoughts drift to songs that reflect your mood.  Old favourites like “Where have all the cages gone?” or, “You’ve lost that lovin’ roll cage.”

The image of the “Heartbreak roll cage” down at the end of lonely street never fails to bring a tear to my eye and the one that always rubs salt in the wound is that all-time classic “I lost my cage to a starship trooper”.  Devastating!

But despair not.  Jimmy Durante once sang (or meant to) “I’m the guy who found the lost cage” and ACQSYS  have adopted that as their company anthem, recovering as they do over 5,000 missing roll cages every month for their clients.

And for those of you who have had brief, yet sadly unfulfilling affairs with roll cage rental (you splash all that cash on them and they just stop taking your calls), you can start to whistle a new tune.  It’s called  “New kid in town” and it sings of the arrival of rollcagerental.co.uk who do what no other rental company can do.  We rent you roll cages and then we help you to hang on to them, instead of hoping you’ll lose them so we can charge you for them.

Working with ACQSYS, we find rented cages that you lose and return them to you or de-hire them for you and what’s more, we don’t penalise you for losing them.  Who else does that?    If you want to find out why we can do it and the others can’t, take Blondie’s advice and “Call Me”.  

“Don’t worry, be happy………”

Photo credit: Black in white via photopin (license)

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