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For want of a nail

I received a grocery home delivery this morning and, for the first time in ten years, it was three hours late.  Why was that do you think?

  • Warehouse systems failure?
  • Driver didn’t turn in?
  • Vehicle broke down?

Actually it was none of these; they ran out of tote boxes, those cheap plastic containers upon which the whole system relies.

In another example a company that makes all its deliveries in roll cages was forced to deliver on pallets because they ran out of the four-wheeled chariots.  Delivering on pallets affects warehouse productivity, reduces vehicle fill and creates havoc for the customer who can’t take pallets to where the stock is needed.

So the knock-on effects of running out of transit equipment should not be under-estimated.  Building in contingency stock is expensive and someone usually raids it early anyway.  The only way to have help at hand and safe from scavengers is to hire the assets to cover peak.  Why not contact us?

“For want of a nail…………the kingdom was lost”

Bill Howie

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