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Open now for help with your transit equipment

We may not be flooding down Oxford Street or sidestepping in shopping centres anymore but there’s a lot of activity going on behind the scenes.  Every home delivery is supported by a complex supply chain and every supply chain uses equipment to move products to the consumer.

When Lockdown struck, a lot of roll cages and other transit assets became trapped in the wrong place and some of those places may never open again.  Moreover, even if the equipment has been collected, very often the rescuers aren’t allowed on site to return it to its rightful owner, due to social distancing rules. The result is, for many, a shortage of available supply chain transit assets.

If you’re experiencing problems with recovery of roll cages, trays, totes or magnums, you should know that Roll Cage Rental is open for business. 

Supported by ACQSYS, the largest national asset recovery business, we can help you fill the gaps in your transit asset pool and keep your supply lines open.

Why buy more when you can rent to fill a temporary shortfall in availability?

Bill Howie


Photo Credit: Pixabay Alan Robb


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